Black Friday Sales = Pollution

Many of the items commonly bought during Black Friday sales end up in landfill, along with the plastic they are commonly packaged in.

"We're finding quite a lot of products - like fast fashion, toys that only have a very limited interest and life, other types of short-term consumer products - unfortunately when they're thrown in landfill that represents an enormous waste of resources and leads to pollution," he said.

"The fact that they're being produced at such a high rate means higher energy footprint and therefore carbon footprints, and then, of course, the excess packaging which in Australia is hardly recycled at all."
Jeff Angel, director of the Boomerang Alliance

During Black Friday sales we donate portions of sales to charities to counteract the effect of Black Friday sale consumption. Additionally, our swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles and refined pollution so we are removing harmful waste from the environment and repurposing it as wearable fashion. This further eradicates the need for harmful resource usage by producing new fabrics which would have substituted these products made.